Gym Correction For This Sunday, January 25th
January 23, 2015 — 19:15

Games scheduled at St Aloysious are actually at St Alphonsus in Greendale.


St Alponsus:

6000 West Loomis Road, Greendale, WI 53129

Rule Changes Effective Today
January 17, 2015 — 10:50

Rule Changes Effective January 17th.

Overtime period will be reduced from 3 minutes to two minutes to save time.

Revised Rule 4

In case of a tie, the game will go into 2 minute overtime period(s). The clock will stop on all whistles, free throws, and substitutions. Each team will have one full time out in each overtime period.

New Mercy Rule

Coaches that are behind by 40 or more points can ask the referees to end the game anytime within the last 10 minutes of the game.  It is always acceptable to play all 40 minutes of the game regardless of the score.

Game Schedule for Gym Coordinators
December 23, 2014 — 15:47

Gym Coordinators:


Here is the schedule of games by gym. SCHEDULE HERE

Please verify that we have used your gym on the correct/dates and times.

They are sorted by gym, and then sorted by date.
The times we scheduled games at your gym are in GREEN!
The times that you had available that we haven’t used remain in black. (NOTE THE COLOR CODING DOES NOT APPEAR TO WORK ON iPAD or iPHONE.)  If you have any questions about when games at your gym are, email tony at
Find your gym and verify the times we have scheduled games at your gym is correct based on your gym availability.
If there are any errors, please email tony ASAP at
Tentative Schedule Out
December 20, 2014 — 21:40

The tentative schedule is on the schedule tab.


 Please check your 8 games looking for the following:
         1)  Your team should have 8 games.
         2)  Should not play twice in one weekend more than two times.
         3)  Your stated block out should be in the schedule and you should not have a game at that time.
If you see any issues with your teams schedule please email Tony at and copy Larry on the email.
You have until 12 NOON on Monday December 22nd to find any issues.   After that the schedule will be changed with the issues we received and we will no longer take any more changes.
Important Dates for 2015 Season
September 12, 2014 — 20:25


Rosters Lock:

December 28th, 2014

First Week of League Play:

January 3/4, 2015


Tentative 2015 CYM Tournament Dates:

*TELL YOUR PLAYERS NOW TO ASK OFF OF WORK*   There will be NO requests for game times or dates in the tournament.

Boys Gold:   Feb 26/27, 28 March 1, 7, 8

Boys Silver: Feb 28, March 1,7,8

Girls March 1,7, 8

“Safeguarding All of God’s Family” Course
November 14, 2012 — 1:27

Reminder: ALL coaches and ALL assistant coaches must have completed the “Safeguarding All of God’s Family” course before any participation in CYM sports, including practices.

Course Information:

Course Calendar and Sign-up: